Dating and jealousy

Posted by / 02-Nov-2017 19:41

I’ve been wanting to do a post on jealousy for a while now, and I was encouraged by this recent e-mail.

Jealousy poisons our relationships and manifests as resentment and anger without us even realizing it.

Do any of these words of dating advice sound familiar?

Though friends may offer helpful tips for your love life, they’re not always right.

If I’m dating someone, we are ‘seeing’ each other as in we are actively dating each other as in we are actively getting to know one another with a view to finding out if there is enough there to progress into a relationship. How can you be dating several people at once without compromising your fact finding mission?

Don’t you need to be near bullet proof to not become emotionally engaged on some level with them all, or at least some of them?

Disappointment and pain were Janet’s identifying traits.

I’ve had a number of emails and comments since I wrote about how dating several people at once is a sign of your own emotional unavailability and commitment resistance, naturally with some saying how wrong I am but with the others wanting my thoughts on using dating several people with a view to making the one person you do want bite the bait because you trigger desire, jealousy, and enough possessiveness that they effectively want to lock you down.

I’ll start first by re-emphasising the key word: several people at once.

If I go on a date or two with someone, we’ve been on a date or two.

If you go beyond a few dates, you’re heading into the territory of actually dating them.

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When a significant other comes into the picture and they’re still not happy for you, sometimes you just need to let go and focus on those who are actually rejoicing with you. Bad Advice If you wish to get good advice on your relationship, develop a team of trusted mentors and friends who you trust to have your best interests at heart.