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3) After the position of Head Girl at Wyedean School and College, she graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA in French and Classics, and then worked as a researcher for Amnesty International.4) Rowling was diagnosed with clinical depression which she claims gave her inspiration to create the Dementors in the Potter series.Hugh Grant was originally cast as Gilderoy Lockhart.He had to pull out because of scheduling conflicts. Hermione was meant to hug Harry AND Ron at the end of the movie when she runs into the Great Hall.Around the edge is the Time Turner inscription: "I mark the hours, every one, Nor have I yet outrun the Sun.

Based on the magical device that can take wizards back hours into the past from "Prisoner of Azkaban," this 18-karat Time Turner is 1.5 inches tall with a 20-inch chain.

Despite her current fortune, she has no desire to stop working as she believes it sets a good example to her children - she now has another son and daughter with second husband, anaesthetist Neil Murray.

7) According to a recent interview, JK Rowling admits to buying her wedding dress for her second marriage to Neil Murray in disguise, to avoid being recognised - such was the price of fame.

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Emma Watson might not have gotten the role of Hermione had it been up to her. All the food you see in the great hall scenes is 100% real.

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Even though the historic library usually strictly forbids bringing flames into the library for any reason, they made an exception for 4. Tom made up the line, "I didn't know you could read" (which he said to Harry when he looked like Goyle because of the polyjuice potion) on the spot because he'd forgotten his line.10.