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Urbandictionary dating

(salt-da-dē) Hearing someone is “a piece of salt” means he’s not a real Sugar Daddy.There is some confusion on what the true meaning of a Salt Daddy is, so visit this blog for the disambiguation.Here are the links to the previous two installments of this series: Alright, let’s get this things started with today’s shipping/urban words… At the very least, it is one we use all the time in the international shipping industry. Top Urban Dictionary definition of terminal: I would have thought with the words “sick” and “ill” in the definition that this adjective definition of the word would have described a life-ending disease. It should be noted that judging from the Samsung 990 being used in the example, this slang may be out of date or obsolete.Logisitics Glossary definition of terminal: Transportation facility with one or more of the following roles: 1. Mode transfer: freight may change from one mode to another, for example, rail to truck. Vehicle transfer: within a single mode, freight may transfer from one vehicle to another. If that is the case, I think it should be brought back if only so shippers can call awesome terminals “terminal terminals.” Of course, the Urban Dictionary tends to have multiple definitions for words, and the Urban Dictionary has a noun version of terminal as well.The most likely place for a terminal to occur is in a public place where dealing with the terminal is impractical or frowned upon, thereby causing the sufferer to wait it out.

To help with that imagination, we’ve created this series comparing Logistics Glossary definitions to definitions of the same words and acronyms from the Urban Dictionary.

This is most commonly used to describe a man who is not rich or generous enough to be a Sugar Daddy, but uses the idea to lure unsuspecting maidens. (sȯl-tē) This is a term used by most people to describe someone who is unhappy or sour.

In the Sugar World, it’s more referring to them not wanting a traditional Sugar Baby/Sugar Daddy relationship.

Sexoration A type of dating scam which involves exchanging pictures and videos with a target.

Then blackmailing them later in return for money or some other type of currency.

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As of Thursday, though, the top internet destination for such colloquialisms has a new offshoot that will not only tell you that a Scorpion Dive is a particularly harsh kind of faceplant, it will also show you a video of the unfortunate act happening on Welcome to Urban