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Meanwhile, Vanity Fair revealed yesterday that she was the first person to visit John Galliano in rehab after his meltdown in 2011, which is neither here nor there but does make her look like a loyal person.Born in Canada in 1965, supermodel Linda Evangelista began her career in her teens, working for a local department store.What Evangelista finds most appealing about social media is the idea of speaking directly to those fashion fans who grew up idolizing her. It was basically one step up from camping."The notion of Evangelista as a mother hen on float trips is hard to reconcile with her haute couture alter ego, a dichotomy she readily acknowledges."There are lots of things you don't know about me," she says.Catharines, Ontario, Canada, a small town near Niagara Falls.She began modeling in her early teens after landing some catalog work for a local department store.

It's a rainy day and we're sipping coffee in New York's Chelsea neighborhood, a few blocks from the penthouse apartment she bought more than a decade ago, debating the pros and cons of the Internet. The cons, of course, involve things that come up when one Googles oneself.She filled fashion magazines with glamour and tabloids with drama. In 2006, she had a son, Augustin James, but refused to name the father.(It was later revealed to be the French businessman François-Henri Pinault.) Most recently, she dated Hard Rock Cafe cofounder Peter Morton before splitting with him this past spring.Linda Evangelista has supposedly broken up with Hard Rock Café co-founder Peter Morton, her boyfriend of seven years, the Post reports.The couple began dating in 2006, when Evangelista was pregnant with Kering CEO François-Henri Pinault’s child, although his paternity was not revealed until 2011, when Evangelista took Pinault to court for child support.

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(The settlement was never disclosed but is believed to be around This report comes just days after Evangelista presented Tim Blanks with the Media Award at the CFDAs, where she gamely chatted with plenty of reporters (including this one) and seemed totally charming and cheerful.

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