Xna game time not updating

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Note that the bug is tracked here: https://github.com/Microsoft/msbuild/issues/1831 After this you should be able to work with XNA in Visual Studio 2017 without problems. Net version XNA uses by manually editing the csproj files in notepad :).Fixed-step clocks update by a fixed time span upon every clock step.This means that our game will again be executing a loop (the typical game loop as it is called) and whenever the programmer likes, he/she will be asking resources about their status and whether something happened that needs attention.So the logic in games does not reside in event handlers but happens within the loop and knowing what happens in resources is in our hands to ask and discover.Delta time is simply the time difference between the previous and the current frame.Actually that is not entirely accurate – delta time is the time difference between the last and current execution of the update: method.Welcome to a short introduction in game Development using the XNA Framework!

The typical game loop in XNA is realized by the following methods where the "Get User Input", "Calculate" and "Test Criteria" parts happen within the Update() methods and the visual feedback happens in the Draw() method. First you need to download and install XNA Game Studio.

Could this be a problem with the way XNA works with 2 monitor systems?

Don’t multiply velocity/position changes with delta time! If you integrate velocity to a node’s position every frame, you have the option to multiply that velocity with the delta time passed in the update: method.

Within my main update function I check for user input on the keyboard for scrolling and hotkeys.

Any functionality that only needs to register on a single key press (like the hot keys) works fine.

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