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Zud dating

World Vision has been working here since 1991 providing animals, medicine, food, and developing communities.

Through the World Vision Gift Catalog and sponsors, World Vision Mongolia has become a major force in protecting children. This holiday season, we’re profiling the two girls who grace the cover of the World Vision’s Gift Catalog: Chania, a bright and cheerful 5-year-old who lives in Burundi’s upcountry, and Dulamsuren, the daughter of a semi-nomadic herder in central Mongolia. In Burundi, 10 million people squeeze into an area roughly the size of Maryland.

Dulamsuren enjoys a sweeping view from her favorite perch on a hillside overlooking the Valley of the Painting Pen.

The young girl walks among an ancient ruin, a circle of rocks called the Grave of the Heroes pre-dating the Mongolian empire.

, or yurts, where Dulamsuren’s mother and father, brother and grandmother live as semi-nomadic herders.

Generations of Dulamsuren’s family have roamed the Valley of the Painting Pen in central Mongolia’s Bayankhongor province.

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I scheduled the trip to Canada and got my visas in check.

It is also a byword for the most barren place of the imagination.

But deserts, like imaginations, are invariably fertile, even this one.

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The Gobi is not just sand and gravel and dead animals.

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  1. For example, just-released data from the Centers for Disease Control shows that in the more affluent Issaquah-Sammamish area, the birth rate for girls age 15 to 17 is 1., while in less affluent Burien it’s 16 times that at .